Hi and welcome to Perspectives Counselling! Perspectives is an initiative towards helping people overcome their life challenges strategically and pragmatically. We are professionally trained and experienced counsellors in practice who emphatically trust that each individual is meant for leading an abundant, meaningful, enriching life and that individuals can thrive to achieve their life objectives regardless of their circumstances.

We firmly believe that your unpleasant past or present experiences ought not to be given the privilege of holding you hostage in the present and deter your wellness in the future. The manner in which you deal with the impacts of negative experiences gives a glimpse to your present and determines your prospect. Your present triggers, patterns, and blocks directly points to signify the effects of negative experiences and if not dealt in an effective manner, it is no secret what your future behaviours can be. It is with this perspective in mind that we invite you to settle on a healthy choice in re-writing the story of your life, adapt sound living and embark on a journey towards becoming an influencer, rather than get influenced and tossed around by negative factors. A healthy mind generates healthy thoughts and healthy thoughts pave the way towards healthy demeanour. 

Though the definition of what is right and wrong dependably changes in today’s day and age, we are not here to judge your right and wrong, but to assist you, hear you out, challenge and guide you along till you choose to journey with us.

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