We know and we understand that going through life without support is a lonely path. So we welcome anyone who needs a listening ear. Whatever you are going through, however small or big the problem may look like, there is nothing to be ashamed of the way you feel. Whether you feel like you are bound upward, downward or in spirals, we are here to help you unwind. Every problem is a birthing ground for creativity, waiting to be unleashed to discover something new beneath it. No situation is hopeless, no problems are unsurmountable… it’s the perspective that you adopt that makes all the difference. Individual counseling sessions is one on one, face to face sessions with a counselor. These sessions are done in a private, safe and confidential setting to build rapport with your counselor. We invite you to a place and time where you can be open and honest about your life challenges and together we can navigate through these with your expertise knowledge on the issue and our facilitation.


Pre-marital counselling is for those who are engaged or getting ready to say “I DO”. Opt for pre-marital sessions or our unique Prepare-Enrich assessment to enrich your life today! Some topics that are covered in our sessions: Communication, Financial Management, Sexuality and affection, Relationship roles, Role of family and friends, And many more…

Couple sessions and individual sessions are offered upon discussion with the couple to address individual challenges as well as the perceived challenges in marriages. Since marriage involves two individuals, it is imperative that issues are discussed together. However, sometimes before the sessions or during the sessions, some individual issues are realized. We provide an option to discuss these challenges privately to make sure that it does not interfere with the marriage goals. ​


If you have lost someone, don’t go about it alone. Please opt for grief therapy sessions with us to share your pain, loneliness and uncertainty. We help you identify the stages of grief you are in, allow yourself to express your grief in a healthy manner by giving you the space and time to fondly remember and move you towards facing each day bravely.

Grief in some cases can transform into trauma. Trauma is known to be any incident or event whether witnessed or experienced that has proven to be a sudden shock to an individual. These incidents can be anything ranging from receiving news of an illness, to having witnessed or experienced an accident or an attack of any form. Like grief, trauma also has its own distinct stages that an individual processes through the traumatic experience. The time period for the treatment of trauma depends on the number of traumatic events experienced and the intensity of those experiences. The sooner the assistance is sought out, the faster the healing process will take place. And yes, healing is possible!


A Family therapy session engages the entire family to meet up and discuss each one’s perspectives of the issue and pore over their own part played in contributing or maintaining the problem. It helps the families to acknowledge unhealthy patterns and restructure the system of patterns that are not fitting to the wholesome functioning of a family. Sometimes, counselors may also recommend seeing members one-on-one, as well as all together in a session.
Family counseling is an opportunity to leave hurtful experiences and counterproductive exchanges in the counseling room, learn from them and move on to create experiences and memories worth treasuring.


We provide counseling for ages 8 and up. We also provide consultation and an initial basic evaluation for younger ages from 4 to 7 years with appropriate referrals to further guidance.


Merely giving up on yourself with a facade of acceptance that, “I am like this only”, or “I can never change” without knowing the cause or reasons for it, is like bandaging a wound in place of surgery. Most often, as individuals, we recognize our shortcomings, yet think that it is easier to leave it at a recognition level without delving further into the origin of these intricate and many-sided feelings. Our sessions allow for candid reflections without having to face reprobation. We recognize that the goal is not merely acknowledging the reasons for cataclysmic emotions, but to replace them with healthier ways of responding while keeping in mind the end goal, that is of materializing the positivity and truly emanating a balanced living.


Crisis intervention is known as the psychological first aid to offer immediate relief to crisis situations such as suicidal intentions, domestic violence, grief, sexual assault and other trauma related issues. Whether witnessed or experienced, any kind of crisis may leave profound scarring shaking one’s identity and person-hood.
In the event that you are tired of proving yourself again and again, tired of standing up and fighting your battles alone or tired of striving to mend your broken heart alone, we are here to listen. Your experiences are safe with us, there is no condemnation; your person-hood is nourished, there is no strain to fit in; your values and principles are given space to take root and strengthen, there is no rejection. With us, you are permitted to talk your heart out, you are allowed to cry and deal with the heart wrenching pain. However, you are not allowed to give up! So, take a deep breath, unwind and rest yourself with us for a while!

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